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Tackling University

We Are Bringing Physicality Back

To The Tackle

We Teach Tackling

Science has proven that the most effective way to tackle is the safest way to tackle. A well-paced shoulder strike can be the difference between winning & losing.


We teach tackling through Curriculum Based Training focused on developing athletes in all phases of tackling.


This is where football players come to refine their skills as they learn the safest and most effective techniques in tackling.


Upcoming Events

Registration is Now Open!!


Click the Events Link Below for Details. 

Attn: Youth Organizations  &  Leagues  

Let's Make Tackling Safer Together

You provide the location and 5 volunteers.

We'll provide equipment, instruction, camp shirts, and music.

Click the link below for details.


Beyond Xs & Os

There is no need to leave anything up to chance. We can, purposefully, instill elite values & character in our young men from the inside out.  This Podcast explores the many ways parents, players, teachers, & coaches can create high-performing men both on and off the feild. 

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X's & O's

Building high performing Men


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